100 Happy Days


The challenge: post a photo that makes you happy for 100 days in a row


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Do you like to take on big challenges? The website 100 Happy Days has one that not everyone will be able to complete: to be happy for 100 days straight. How? By posting, on your favorite social network, a photo that makes you smile. As you do it, you'll be creating an album full of happy memories.

100 Happy Days was created with the philosophy that being able to appreciate the moment is the root of happiness, so the challenge encourages you to look for the small things about any given day that can turn it into a good day.

To participate in the challenge, you just need to add the hashtag #100happydays and the number of the day to your photo, for example: 'Day #1 [your photo] #100happydays'. You could also add some commentary if you so choose. To officially join the challenge, just register on its website and once you finish you'll receive a file with your whole collection.

71% of the people who start the challenge don't end up finishing it, saying that they don't have the time. Do you have the time to be happy?

You can accept the challenge on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or email.

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